Single Taco … 7

A homemade breaded tilapia fillets, served with 3 flour tortilla, pico de gallo, cabbage, fries on the side and a Golden Cactus avocado and chipotle dressings.

Chimichanga De Birria

deep-fried burrito filling a flour tortilla with refried beans,
mexican rice, topped with birria broth and sour cream.

Brisket (suadero)

Beef brisket marinated in lime sauce and cooked until tender.
Each Taco ……. 7.00
If you order 3 Tacos ……. 21.00


This time we are introducing a beef tongue tacos, juicy and perfectly cooked, you better try them.
Each Taco …… 7.00
If you order 3 Tacos …… 21.00


Single Quesabirrias…..7.00
Birria with a melted cheese on a 6′ corn tortillas.


Home made mexican chorizo with the grandfather’s recipe, you can taste the different spices we use.


Slow cook pork carnitas, after a few hours
of slow cook you can feel in you mouth how tender and tasty are the carnitas.


Birria is slow cooked beef with some spices to perfect tender and juicy melt in your mouth perfection, and the tortilla is a little bit crispy.


Seasoned grilled chicken breast, if you love chicken this is the right time to beat the casual chicken

Grilled Beef Steak

Carne Asada, seasoned grilled beef steak,
carne asada is one of the most popular dishes in the mexican families.